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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Where have I been?

Hey! It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since I've posted a new blog post. Where have I been? Swamped with life! I graduated college, started working full time and run a few social media accounts for two small businesses! It's become nearly impossible to find time to blog or even time to try new products. I am formally announcing the closure of TGTLM! Maybe not forever but until life slows down a bit. Thank you for your support and see ya later!

Peace out home skillet.

-April xox

Monday, August 22, 2016

FACEOFF Natural Cleansing Cloth Review!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic end of summer! Most of my reviews involve putting makeup on so I'm excited to finally be able to TAKE IT OFF!

FaceOff has been kind enough to send one of their cruelty-free, natural cleansing cloths my way! I love trying out anything that could potentially eliminate the use of makeup wipes because I feel they can be too harsh on the skin and I seem to go through them like crazy! According to their website these cloths retail for $12.95 but you get hundreds of uses out of them!

First a little more about this product! It is made out of an organic blend of bamboo and cotton and measures 20cm x 20cm which is a pretty standard wash cloth size.

The texture is different from products already out there such as "The Makeup Eraser" in that it doesn't feel as plush but it is still very soft to the touch!

To use you just add warm water and go! The actual cloth is machine washable or you can wash by hand with a mild detergent which I found to be just as effective! Now lets put it to the test and see how much makeup it was able to remove without the help of any product!

I decided to use some of my more long wearing makeup products to really put it to the test!

Some of the more long wearing products I chose to wear include:
Kat Von D tattoo liner, Urban Decay Perversion mascara, MAC nightmoth lip liner and Sephora collection Blackberry Sorbet liquid lipstick.

Let's see the results!

Overall I loved how this performed! It removed my makeup just as well if not better than my makeup wipes! I didn't find it to be too harsh on my lashes and eye area which, was one of my biggest concerns.

I still opted to follow up with a gentle Micellar cleansing water just to help breakup any possible excess mascara residue left on my eyes.

The price point is fantastic and although they don't look as fancy as the Makeup Eraser I appreciate the absence of added dyes.

Don't let the white colour discourage you, all of the makeup stains came right out after using a little bit of dish soap without any issues!

Another feature I loved was the little string handle that made it much easier to hang to dry by the sink! The little things matter! Will you take the #FaceOffChallenge?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Typical Causes and Effective Solutions for Greasy Hair

Hey guys! I know it's been a while but I will be back to blogging regularly next week! I would like to thank the lovely Viki Howell who has graciously written another guest post for you to check out in the mean time!

1. Excessive washing
Excessive washing is a typical mistake of women, whose hair is prone to oiliness. The truth is that this habit doesn’t help to solve the problem; moreover, it only makes things worse. Frequent shampooing ruins moisture deposits of your hair, making your scalp feel dry and produce even more oil.

2. Optimal frequency
The question is – what is an optimal washing frequency then? Experts at Hair Salon in NYC recommend shampooing your locks not more often than any other day. Your hair will need some time to adjust to the new washing routine, but very soon you’ll notice the big difference.

3. Heavy products
If you use heavy styling products on a daily basis, they can be the reason of your hair’s excessive oiliness. The best and most obvious way to solve this problem is to switch to the lightweight products. Minimize the usage of gels, pastes, mousses, and serums. You should also be careful with conditioner and apply it to your ends only!

4. Right hairstyles
There are certain styles you can wear to hide oily roots and postpone shampooing. A sleek ponytail, for example, works amazing with dirty hair and looks really attractive. You can experiment with braids, high buns, and braids. Just find time and patience!

5. Dry shampoo

Since your hair doesn’t become dirty literally, there is a way out. You can make your locks last longer with the help of a dry shampoo. This product is able to freshen up your roots without an actual shampooing. Magic? No, just absorbing properties of dry shampoo. According to experts at, this is a must-have product for people suffering from greasy hair problem.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Guest Post with Victoria Howell : Top 3 Tips for Healthy Hair!

Every girl dreams to have long, beautiful and healthy hair, but not all of us know how to reach it. Of course, you can find thousands of interesting hair tips on the Internet, but very little of them touch the question of basic hair care. However, it is important for every girl from ten to thirty to know rules of hair treating. Our professionals at Hair Salon in NYC are ready to share with you three most important and vivid tips for your everyday hair routine.

Tip #1 The less - the better

An aspiration to have clean and voluminous strands is a good thing, but it has some peculiarities. Some can be surprised by the fact that everyday washing your hair actually damages it and cause dryness and split ends.  Professional stylists claim that it is OK to wash your head about three-four times a week. If you do it more frequently, your hair will become dull, weak, and dry.

Tip #2 Say no to harsh water

The only thing which damages your hair even more than chemicals in cheap shampoos is harsh water. Stick for some filters in your shower to protect your strands. It will soften water and save your strands from harm.

Tip #3 Take care

Your hair needs additional care just like your face skin. Go for some masks, oils, and creams to treat and nourish your hair. You can buy them at your nearest drugstore or make them by yourself, using natural ingredients.

Visit and take the best out of your hair.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

L'oreal Hair Expertise Nutri-Gloss Luminzer Routine Review!

Daymmnn April, back at it again with the hair line reviews.

L'oreal and Influenster have teamed up again and they were nice enough to send the new hair expertise line my way to test out and review!

Photo from

A while back I reviewed a different routine from their Hair Expertise line that was meant to help thicken my hair and I ended up liking it enough to repurchase (Click HERE to read that review) so I did have high expectatations for this one as well.

The Nutri-Gloss Luminizer routine is targeted towards dull hair and I mean really who couldn't always use a little more shine? Let's see what L'oreal has to say about this product:

"Inspired by professional gloss treatments, the Nutri-Gloss Luminizer system instantly laminates hair strands with intense shine and infuses nutrition for a flowing touch. Hair is silky soft with a lacquered finish - 48HR sealed-in shine, instant nutrition."

The routine consists of 3 parts:

  • Illuminating Shampoo
  • Illuminating Conditioner
  • Leave-in Shine Spray

The Shampoo is clear in colour and is a lot thinner in consistency than any other shampoo I've ever used. The smell isn't anything special nor is it over powering. Immediately after rinsing I was getting a little worried because my hair felt pretty tangled out but as soon as a started working the conditioner it started to feel better and was easy to brush through when I got out. 

After blow drying and straightening my hair I misted the leave-in shine spray over my entire head and I was pretty impressed with the fact that my hair looked shiny without looking greasy, which, for fine haired girls is a thin line. Pun intended. 

After the first few uses I expected to see a little bit of build up at least from the shine spray but I didn't experience any!

All in all this haircare line delivers exactly what it promises and leaves the hair clean and shiny  without any build up. I will say that after a few uses my hair felt a little dry but I can't 100% blame the product for my already dry brittle hair.

I really want to try the rest of their hair expertise routines because so far I've had luck with this one for shine as well as the line for thickening!

The other routines tackle things like dry hair, damaged hair, colour treated hair, and strengthening.  All of these seem applicable to my ridiculously problematic hair. I think I need to go for a solid hair chop.

Side note: Sorry for lack of original photos my camera decided to not cooperate and I lost all usable pictures. 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection

Happy spring!

Today we're taking a look at the new haircare line by Tresemme!

I received a mystery package in the mail from Tresemme last month which, was a nice surprise however I was slightly apprehensive to try this because the idea is a little backwards. This haircare line involves a process called reverse shampooing.

This is done by conditioning your hair first and then shampooing. I tried this a few years back with my regular shampoo and conditioner and it left my hair feeling clarified but extremely dry. That being said this is formulated specifically for this process so I went in with a positive attitude.

The box contained 3 products:

Step 1: Pre-wash Conditioner

Step 2: Shampoo

  • Step 3: Volume hair maximizer (leave in styling cream)

After the first use I was blown away. This stuff actually made my hair look amazing! I was instantly in love! Volume galore! Also the shampoo in step 2 smells exactly like granny smith apple peels which, I LOVE!

After about a week of use my extremely fine hair was starting to feel extremely weighed down and seemed to have quite a bit of build up. Which I expected because EVERY haircare product I use weighs my hair down after a while. 

Luckily, I keep clarifying shampoo in my shower and this was an easy fix so that I could start enjoying it again! I will definitely be purchasing this when it runs out! I do notice, however, that when I don't use the third step, the Hair maximizer, my hair doesn't seem to get as much buildup as quickly but isn't as voluminous.

An important thing to add is that you absolutely need to blow dry your hair directly after you use the hair maximizer or else it doesn't seem to fully dry which can leave your hair feeling slightly greasy but if you blow-dry right away this is not the case and your left with amazing voluptuous hair. 

If you usually have thin and lifeless limp hair you need to give this a try. It's worth it!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GlamGlow Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treatment Review

GlamGlow has been on a roll the last few months with new releases and I've finally gotten around to trying one of them!

The Plumprageous gloss lip treatment is supposed to instantly plump lips with high potency botanical plumping actives.  So, in short it makes your lips tingle until they swell a little. I generally enjoy plumping lip glosses because I feel like if they sting a little it just means it's working. With Glamglow being so hyped up all the time because of their face masks I decided to give this a shot.

The Packaging is SO cool. To be honest it was the reason I chose to try this first instead of the Too Faced Lip injection gloss. Just look at the futuristic rising action. Worth the $30CAD already.

The gloss itself is completely clear and surprisingly not sticky at all and the applicator is a cute spatula with a hole in the middle which helps to evenly spread the product. Do this by starting on the top lip the excess product drains through the middle onto the back side. You then flip it over and using the extra product on the bottom lip. Confusing I know but it works.

The tingling sensation didn't start right away and I was beginning to doubt the whole thing but after about 2 minutes I started to feel it working. I didn't find it all that intense at first but lip sensitivity will vary between people. I will say that if you exfoliate your lips first then apply, the tingling sensation is A LOT stronger.

At around the 5 minute mark my lips were extremely tingly and I did notice a slight plumpness but nothing too crazy. The tingling subsided after about 35 minutes however, the gloss itself lasted on my lips for 3 hours!

Here are a few before and after pictures courtesy of my lovely friend Shelby(my lips were looking very dry and not so camera ready)! You can find her Youtube channel HERE.

All in all the gloss itself was good and the results were just OK. Another small downside was that it tasted kind of chemically if you accidentally licked your lips and it still obviously continues to tingle awkwardly while on your tongue. If you just want an awesome burning sensation then this product will absolutely give you that!

What are your favourite lip plumping products?

Thanks for reading!

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