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Friday, May 16, 2014

Battle of the Mascaras

Hey guys!

For todays post I just wanted to do a quick comparison featuring a few of the Mascara's I own.

Mascaras, for me, are always a pain in the ass to pick out.

They're always either too dry, smudge, clumpy, don't lengthen enough or a combination of all of those things and a few others.

I have recently found a few that have more pros than cons!

If we could somehow fuse all of these together we'd have our selves one Super mascara, but sadly we can't so I've just compiled my favourites in order with a few pros and cons for you all.

#1 - Benefit- They're Real Mascara


  • This mascara works actually amazingly well
  • It's spiky applicator separates the lashes and the mascara formula holds nicely onto the tip of your lashes creating super long looking lashes. 
  • Has by far has given me the longest lashes out of all of them and has never smudged after a long day at work.
  • Uses very little product to get beautiful lashes


  • The price is a little steep as it is a high end mascara($29)
  • Apply carefully as it hardens quickly and applying too much causes all your lashes to clump together in an unfixable hard mess.
  • Hard to wash off, I usually use 2 different make up removers to get it off.

#2 Make Up Forever - Smokey Extravagant 

Pictured is the little travel sized version ;)

  • Big cone shaped wand (My Favourite brush of all time).
  • Reaches the smallest inner lashed with end of applicator
  • Adds a huge amount of volume
  • Doesn't dry out my lashes
  • Price, Another high end mascara($28)
  • Big wand takes some getting used to so it is easy to get some on your eyelid.

#3 L'oreal Voluminous Original 

  • This is my favourite build-able mascara
  • Doesn't clump 
  • Very affordable ($6)
  • Great creamy formula
  • Tube dries out quickly resulting in loss of product
  • Smudges quite a bit on hot days

#4  L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess 

  • Wand is flexible and VERY similar to the Benefit They're real wand
  • Applies easily to every lash 
  • Separates nice and evenly
  • Doesn't add enough volume or length 
  • Dries out quickly
All in all each one brings a lil' something to the table.

Thanks for Reading!
See you all Next Week!

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