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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Ipsy Glam Bag Review and First Impression!

I received my May Ipsy Glam bag later in the month due to an address issue and I wanted to make sure I tried out all the products in my bag a few times so I could give you guys a legitimate review.

First things first, 
Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag created by YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan. 
In the US it retails for $10 a month but here in Canada its just a little more with the conversion and shipping, about $14. It's a fantastic way to try new things including high end makeup without breaking the bank! As a broke college student this is a huge plus for me!

Each month you will receive a little makeup bag filled with 4-5 deluxe sample sized products. Within those products there is usually a full sized one as well. 

There are a few Canadian beauty boxes that are only $10 but from what I've seen and researched the over all value isn't as good as Ipsy. 

If you are interested in signing up I do have a referral link code HERE .

Anyways back to the bag!

This months bag was a little different, usually Ipsy contains more makeup products than skin/hair care but every so often they switch it up which is nice.

May's Glam Bag was titled "Beauty's Fresh Picks" and was packaged in a really cute canvas bag with a bright green leaf design.

Also I apologize for the picture quality, Its a gloomy stormy day and the unnatural lighting really botched some of these pictures!

It contained:
  • Eva-NYC therapy session hair mask
  • Pacifica Mineral eyeshadow duo
  • Boo-Boo Cover-up concealer
  • Jersey Shore Sun anti-aging sunscreen
  • La Fresh Travel light face cleansing wipes

Not the best bag but also not the worst!
Here is a short first impressions review on each product.
All rated 1-5 ♥'s (based on how much I loved each)

Eva NYC Therapy session hair mask was full size(60 ml) which is awesome and will probably last for a while. However, I found it made my hair feel a bit dry which I thought was weird considering it's a mask to fix that! I will continue to use this is a conditioner though because it does smell really good but I will stick with my "Its a 10" hair mask for deep conditioning. Retails for $12
♥ out of 5

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo was also a really good size - about the size of any other single eyeshadow compact, but I couldn't find the retail value because each colour is from 2 different palettes. I received the colours Opal (highlight) and Celestial (brown/beige). The colours are gorgeous in the pan, the highlight especially, but I'm not a fan of Pacifica at all. I found that the shadows are too chalky and sheer and made my eyes look wrinkly. When applied over an eyelid primer the colour pay-off is better, but to be honest, they still sucked and were hard to blend.
♥ out of 5

Boo-Boo cover up concealer - Probably my favourite thing in this bag! a little goes a long way! Very pigmented and doesn't crease under my eyes!  I received the full size (10ml) which retails for $19.99. This concealer is also recommended for the body, to hide scrapes and burns as it contains Aloe, vitamin E and a few other ingredients that are known as natural healers. So Cool!
♥ out 5

Jersey Shore Sun anti-aging sunscreen - This came in handy this past weekend. My arms were pretty sunburned from the day before and I didn't want to get any more sun on them! This sunscreen did work to protect my skin, but seriously looked so gross. It felt and looked like white mud. It does not rub in easily so it sits on top of your skin glowing white for all to see. If you have very pale skin this may blend in a little better but for me even after rubbing quite hard, it left white streaky marks. It is scent-free and is all organic if you're into that kind of stuff. 
I received one travel size which retails for $7.50 each. 
♥ out of 5

La Fresh Travel Lite face cleansing wipes - These little travel wipes were surprisingly really effective for such a small wipe! They removed my makeup in just one swipe and left my skin feeling so conditioned. The size I received was the travel size (8 wipes) which retails at $2.50.
As far as makeup wipes go, these are fantastic and I will most likely purchase a full sized pack (24 wipes) for $9.99 in the future!
♥ out 5

All in all the value of this month's bag was pretty great and although not my favourite types of product I was excited to try each and every one of them at least once.

The total value of this bag was about $42 not including the Pacifica eyeshadow with the unknown price!

Thanks so much for reading!

***Side note,

Since I obviously don't do well with set schedules or routines I will no longer be posting specifically on Fridays! I will post at minimum once a week but the day could vary since I work random shifts and will be all over the place!

Thanks Again!! xo
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