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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Collections Got Me Like Whoa.

Clockwise starting Top left; Fathoms Deep,Sea Worship, Silver Sun, Lorelei
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Hey guys!

WOW, it feels like I've been gone forever!

Today I'm going to talk about the newest upcoming MAC collection that I've been dying to try.


MAC has by far the most exciting and just all around awesome collections ever (Hello! Maleficent colour collection) and this one is no exception.

I'm talking about the

MAC Alluring Aquatic summer 2014 collection!

Ok, so this one surprised me a lot.

When I first heard that the name of this years summer collection was going to be Alluring Aquatic I felt indifferent.

Aquatic to me, sounded like it was going to be just a lot of different shades of blue which, I personally am not a fan of when it comes to my face make up.


When I saw the sneak peek of the packaging I started to like it a little more.

The packaging is a gorgeous metallic teal (green not blue) with little fake water droplets sprinkled all over it. Kind of reminded me of a mermaid tail.

So cute.

Then, I saw the shades and it was over. I'm in love.

They are all so sultry and alluring, like a mermaid.

Tons of olive greens, golds, and plums.

Currently this collection is available only online but is pretty much sold out.

Not to worry though as it becomes available in stores TOMORROW MAY 22.

Cannot wait to get my hands on at least one of these new shades.

I think right now, the item I'm most excited for is going to be the Extra Dimension eyeshadow in the shade sea worship (pictured above).

I looks like its going to be an olive-gold, the website describes it as a tarnished olive so I guess that makes sense!

Feel free to let me know what item you're most excited about from this collection in the comments below!
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