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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vita Liberata - pHenomenal 2-3 week tan Review

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Today's post will be about a self tanning cream I recently tried and fell in love with!

PHenomenal  is a self tanning cream sold at Sephora. 

I received a pretty decent sized sample bottle in the shade "dark" in an Ipsy bag a few months back but decided to wait till my body got some natural colour before I went ahead and fake tanned my face!

During the summer I tend to get a decent amount of colour; however, my face never seems to hold any colour so I figured this was the best way to fix that!

I am usually a little apprehensive to use new brands of fake tan because I'm terrified to end up with orange face but for the sake of this blog I figured what the hell and tried it.

This stuff is great, I chose to do it on a day that I would be indoors since it does make you look like you have a dirty face and needs to be left on for an hour minimum. I left my single application on for 4 hours.

If you're looking to have it last 2 weeks It's recommended that you do 3 applications in a row (minimum 1hr for each) but I opted for 1 application (lasts approx. 7 days) just in case anything went wrong!

I'm happy to report that there was absolutely no streaking, no breakouts and the colour didn't have that fake orange-y tone to it! It also did last the full week (I made sure not to exfoliate that week).

All in all this product worked for me and I loved it; however, the price is a little steep.

It retails for $54 for a 150ml bottle with a tanning mitt included.

If you're like me and only tan your face, this bottle will last you forever.
However, they do offer one especially for your face that you may want to look into!

Thanks for reading!
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