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Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to Basics Vol.1: Base/Foundation Routine

I'm going to be doing a "Back to Basics" series of posts during the next few weeks, nothing too fancy as I'm far from a professional.

In these posts I will be showing you some of my personal makeup routines using mostly drugstore products!

Like I said, I am not a professional this is just what I found works for me!
*I have normal to dry skin.

So lets get started!

Step 1: Cleanse

I start off by cleansing my face to make sure I'm starting with a completely clean canvas!
Here I'm using a really basic everyday cleanser by the brand Up&Up found at Target, not very glamorous but it gets the job done!

Step 2: Moisturize

After drying my face I apply a thin layer of moisturizer to my face and neck.
I then let it sink into my skin for about 10minutes before moving on (I usually use this time to style or dry my hair).
Here I am using St.Ives Timeless moisturizer(seriously love this stuff)

Step 3:Prime

I don't always use a primer but for long days away from home I do because I need my makeup to last!
Here I am using Smashbox Photo Finish. *No use for a face picture since the primer is clear!

Step 4: Foundation

I start applying my foundation with a dampened beauty blender or any blending sponge in dabbing/patting motions. Here, I am using Dream matte foundation. 
P.s this foundation is THE BEST drugstore partner for the beauty blender.

Step 5: Conceal

Once my foundation is evenly on my face I go in with a quite a bit of concealer to help cover the dark circles under my eyes and any redness or other imperfections on my face! Here I am using Boo Boo Cover up Concealer.

Step 6: Finish

Finally, I [sometimes] set my foundation with a translucent powder and or Finishing spray.
*If you have Oily skin this step is a little more important.
Here I'm using E.L.F HD setting powder (Not a huge fan of this stuff but it works OK and I'm trying to use it all up!)
*Since I don't get too shiny during the day I usually just opt for NYX finishing spray!

Thats it! Not so hard eh?
Remember this is before doing the eyebrows and all the other the fun stuff!
Looking awkwardly blank and washed out is ok for now! 

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned next week for the "Back to Basics Vol.2: Bronzer, Highlight and Blush "!

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