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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to Basics Vol.2: Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush

Hey everyone!

Welcome back!

As some of you may have noticed this post is a little late,
I recently started my second year of college so the last 2 weeks have been kinda hectic!

In the last post I showed you how I do my basic base makeup using all drugstore products. This week I'm going to continue with the drugstore theme but I'll be covering my bronzer, blush and Highlight routine!

Step 1 - Bronzer

To add warmth and definition I apply my bronzer in an upward motion starting just under my cheek bones all the way up to my temple.
I also add a little bronzer to the top of my forehead and along my jaw line to even it out. Be sure to blend well because you don't want tiger stripes!
Here I am using NYC Sun'N'Bronze in "Montauk Bronze" (By far one of my favourite bronzers ever!)

Step 2 -Highlight

Next to add a bit of glow to the skin, I add a quick swipe of highlighter just above where I applied the  bronzer , directly on my cheek bones! Here I'm using The Balm Mary-Lou manizer.

Step 3 - Blush

Finally, I finish off with a little blush on the apples of my cheeks. Here I am using a Jordana blush in the shade "Redwood".

That's it! Even without eyes or eyebrows done the over all look is warmer and less bland.

Next week we will finally be getting into eyeshadow and brows!

Thanks for reading!


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