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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics and Jaclyn hill - 1995 Lipstick review!

Today's review is on the Gerard Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill lipstick collaboration!
The shade is called 1995 and it was inspired by the ever-so popular 90's grunge Kylie Jenner Lips.

I was super excited for this to come out because Jaclyn Hill and 90's grunge are two things that will always have a thumbs up in my books.

If you haven't heard of Jaclyn Hill you can go check her out HERE, she is honestly one of the best and most genuine Youtubers around.

Sadly, I hadn't ever tried anything by Gerard Cosmetics before but if the rest of their products are the same quality as this lipstick, I'm a new fan!

I ordered "1995" as soon as I could and it only took a week to deliver.
When I received it I was a little disappointed to see that it came with no additional packaging (box), just the UPS bag and the gorgeous gold lipstick tube hanging out inside.

The lipstick is a really beautiful matte. The colour is hard to explain, it's somewhere between a dark nude and burgundy reddish. Definitely versatile and easy to wear.

I applied 1995 before dinner and noticed that it didn't transfer to my glass at all while drinking.
After dinner we decided to meet up with a few friends and go out to our favourite bar and my lip colour lasted through plenty of beers and shots!
At the end of the night I removed it with a makeup wipe and it left very little if any staining.

So basically this lipstick formulation is PERFECT!
I can't find anything that I dislike about this lipstick and if you're on the fence about the $20 price tag, 1995 is 100% worth it!

After the bar, lipstick still intact

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