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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Miss Manga Mascara Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'm reviewing Miss Manga Voluminous mascara!

I know I'm a little late with this one as it has been out for a while now but, I avoided buying it because I've heard such mixed reviews and I was already loving my Benefit "They're real" mascara so miss Manga just didn't interest me.

Recently it went on sale so I decided to finally pick one up and try it!

My first impression wasn't all that great, I think maybe I put too many coats because my lashes just clumped together into awkward triangular shapes.

I know the point of this mascara is to mimic Manga eyes (Manga is a style of Japanese comic books, think similar to Pokemon if your having trouble picturing it) but this just wasn't cute.

Above, I've added the miss manga advertisement so you can get a feel of what it was supposed to be.

Anyways, after trying the mascara with less coats and not curling my eyelashes I feel that it worked a lot better!

Below is a picture of my lashes, Top is an eye without the mascara and bottom is my other eye with the mascara. My lashes do look a lot longer and I believe the mascara did what it was supposed to do but that look just isn't for me.

All in all I think this mascara is worth a try if you like that look! The formula is actually really good but I will probably just use a different wand from another mascara to avoid the clumped look.

Thanks for reading!

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