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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cover Girl "Lipslicks Smoochies" Lip swatches and Review!

Okay, I know this product has been out forever but I only recently tried these and fell in love. 

At first glance the packaging looks a little cheap and the colours look like they would come off pretty dark but they actually go on very sheer and when applied leave a nice tint of colour. Some are definitely nicer than others my current favourite so far is #Tru luv.

They smell like the 90's.

I'm serious. The first time I applied one I had an instant flash back of my childhood. They smell kind of like lip smackers mixed with playdough. That is honestly the only way to describe it.

They feel very moisturizing on the lips but the colour does tend to cling onto any dry patches, as you can see with "#2 Cute" so I suggest applying these after scrubbing your lips.

Here are the swatches!

Thanks for reading!

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