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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birchbox Canada February unboxing!

Hey everyone!

My February Birchbox finally came in! I'm currently experiencing the cold from hell so I figured this is a great time to do an easy unboxing post!

The box itself is really cute! It was like opening an awesome neon birthday present! 

Inside... I found 5 little samples!

The first thing I noticed was how small the sample sizes seemed when compared to Ipsy. If the quality of these are good it will make up for the seemingly small size! The pictures below are taken with a quarter for scale.

 Cynthia Rowley Lip stain 

The colour is nice and the consistency is really smooth on the lips. I just found it annoying to use the tiny little wand.

Harvey Prince Hello Shampoo and Conditioner

I haven't actually heard of this brand before so, I am looking forward to giving both the shampoo and conditioner a try.  I wasn't too excited about these at first glance.

Derma e Glycolic Scrub

I've heard great things about this stuff and there's quite a bit of product to try so I think this one was a win for me!

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer cheek and eyeshadow powder

I actually recently got the full size of this from the awesome +Shelby Ann G for Christmas so I was already a fan of this product and this size would actually be perfect to use as eyeshadow. So, I am  kind of excited about this one!

Final Thoughts:

When I shared pictures of the contents of this box with a "subscription box" Facebook group,  a  lot of people seemed to be really happy with this box but I just wasn't feeling it!

The argument I saw most was that for $10 this really isn't bad however, getting this shipped to Canada we pay $5 extra in shipping so the $10 box for people in the US becomes a $15 box for people in Canada which is enough to make a good box become an OK box.

I think the shampoo and conditioner samples are what really threw me off since I tend to enjoy makeup samples a little more. Also I may have been spoiled a little by Ipsy's tendency to include full sized products.

I am going to keep Birchbox for another month and see how that goes though.

How do you guys feel about this box?!

Thanks for reading!

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