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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches!

A few months back I did a review of the Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick "1995" and I LOVED everything  about it! 

Recently, Gerard Cosmetics had a 5 for $45 sale so I obviously took advantage of that! Below are the 5 new shades I bought as well as my much loved 1995 on the far right.

Usually, these lipsticks cost $19 each but they have "bundle" sales quite often so I suggest waiting for those sales if you're eyeing more than one. Here are my lip swatches as well as a break down of each shade.

Even though all Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks are a velvety matte finish, I feel like the formula varies slightly between each lipstick as some are a little more dry than others but it doesn't affect the overall look whatsoever.

Grape Soda

I was the most excited about this one! I hadn't originally planned on getting this colour but when I saw it on the website I couldn't pass up the chance to own a bright purple lipstick. In the tube it looks like a very primary purple but on the lips its actually really wearable!

Fire Engine

Even though I didn't need another red lipstick I really liked how bright this one was and I'm not the least bit sorry. It is the perfect classic red that everyone should own.

Cherry Cordial 

I've said it before, I'm a sucker for dark berry lipstick. I love it even though darker lips are slightly out of season, I just couldn't help it. I needed it. Once applied on the lips it wasn't as dark as it looked in the tube so, it can easily be worn year round. 

Rodeo Drive

The one was the single lipstick that I was planning on purchasing before I found out I could have 5. It's the perfect everyday shade that complements a lot of different skin tones because it isn't too pinky. I would almost consider this an amped up nude.

Berry Smoothie

I accidentally selected Berry Smoothie instead of another shade I wanted but it worked out ok! Although this shade is extremely similar to Rodeo Drive it is a tad deeper in colour. I wouldn't  suggest getting both because of the similarities between the two but it's a gorgeous colour none the less! I will absolutely get use out of both of them!


You all know my thoughts on this one. The shade was the result of a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill and It's perfect.  If you missed my review you can check it out HERE!

I already have 3 more in mind for my next lipstick purchase which will consist of Tequila Sunrise, Underground and Lilac Moon(Which is being released soon!)

You can purchase them at HERE!

My friend Shelby also  recently snagged a few Gerard lipsticks and I think we only overlapped on the Fire Engine & 1995! Check out her lip swatches HERE and her blog post HERE!

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