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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ColourPop & KathleenLights Where the light is Swatches

It's finally here!

One of my all time favourite Youtubers, Kathleenlights teamed up with Colour Pop to release an amazing new eyeshadow quad appropriately named Where the light is!

Excuse the poor lighting in these photos! It's been extremely rainy in Windsor lately! Clearly, Windsor is not "Where the light is". 

I'm a little late with this post (these have been out since April 9th) but I didn't get them until mid May and wanted to give them a solid try before writing about them! 

I honestly can't even.

This set of 4 eyeshadows fall nothing short of amazing! The pigmentation is unreal and the application method for these shadows is so incredibly easy!

Incase you've never tried Colour Pop eyeshadows, they are known to be best applied with your fingers! I was skeptical at first but they really are fool proof!

Kathleen handpicked each of the 4 colours as well as the names of each of them!

  • Glow - Matte vanilla colour
  • Cornelious - Matte caramel Brown
  • KathleenLights - Golden Copper with a "pearlized" finish
  • Blaze - Dark Bronze colour with a metallic glitter finish
Here are the swatches!

Glow, Cornelious, KathleenLights, Blaze

These shadows are really intense, like holy shit intense. They lasted on my eyelids without fading all day (which, for me was approx. 11 hours) and didn't crease or fade!

Thanks for Reading!


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