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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunglasses to start off your summer! Review!

Finally, summer is around the corner!

What better way to start off the summer than reviewing cheap sunglasses! I have a habit of losing or breaking sunglasses so I've actually never purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses because of this.

Enter GlassesShop.Com! is a website that sells cheap glasses and sunglasses.

I currently wear prescription eyeglasses but have never tried contact lenses so, when I'm sporting sunglasses get out of the way because I'm basically walking blindly! 

Although Glassesshop is not Canadian based, they are looking to branch out into Canada and have asked if I'd be willing to try them out and let you guys know my honest opinions about the quality, styles and over all feel of their prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

So I figured why not? I was curious and I'm sure other people may be too!

Their sunglasses come in both prescription and non prescription lenses so I opted for prescription and was excited to finally be able to actually see while wearing sunglasses!

The price

I was really surprised at the pricing. The frames I have, retail for $35 and I expected the lenses to cost  a little more. According to the website however, for single vision (farsightedness, computer use or reading) the lenses are FREE. Bifocal lenses do cost $19 extra and Progressive lenses (No visible bifocal line) are $39. Not too shabby! On their website they are currently running a first pair free campaign. I believe all new customers just pay shipping for their first pair.

The Quality

I wasn't expecting the quality to be all that great because with sunglasses, you usually get what you pay for. I'm excited to report that this was not the case, at least with the frames I chose. The frames are sturdy have a nice shiny finish and sit on my face comfortably. The lenses are very clear and my prescription was bang on! I will absolutely be purchasing from this company in the future. 

The Style 

I really do love these. The style is different from anything I've worn previously but that's what stood out to me! They do offer aviators and other styles but the Champigny Round frames just seemed extra chic and I own way too many of the basic colourful Wayfarer shaped frames.

The Verdict

 Overall, I am really happy with this company. The price is right and the quality is actually quite good! If you are hesitant on buying prescription sunglasses because of the usually high price I suggest at least browsing their website to see if you like any of their options! You really can't lose with the prices they have. 

The Discount has also been pretty generous and have offered readers of ThatGirlThatLikesMakeup a coupon code to give you guys the chance to love them as well! 

Use the code GSHOT50 and you get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses! (Sale frames excluded). 

Quick Disclaimer
I do not receive any type of compensation with the use of this discount code it's actually just for you guys to save money if you choose to order from

I also want to remind you guys that these were sent to me for review but my reviews will always reflect my honest opinion! If you have any further questions about this product feel free to ask me in the comments!

What styles are you guys loving this summer?

Thanks for reading!


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