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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review with Back to School Hair Ideas

It's that time of year again! I love back to school! New clothes, pumpkin spice everything & most importantly: student loan cash flow.  It's really just a giant cup of 'Yes please'.

Even more exciting, I have been given the opportunity to once again collaborate with Irresistible me but this time using their beautiful Royal Remy hair extensions!

In the spirit of all of this, I've decided to compile a few different hair styles that you can rock around campus using extensions!

Some of you may remember my last collaboration with Irresistible Me when I fell in love with their Sapphire curling wand! You can find that post HERE, as well as a post about their hair accessories HERE!

It goes without saying that I am already a fan of their products. Naturally, I have high expectations for their extensions line. I received the 22'' Royal Remy hair extensions in the colour chocolate brown!

The Review

The extensions came in an air tight bag inside a sleek black cardboard box. Once removed from the bag, there were no tangles and the hair was extremely soft and silky.

The colour is a perfect match for my natural hair and once clipped in they blend perfectly! The clips are refined sturdy snap clips and are sewn very securely onto the hair wefts. They do include extra clips just in case!

The wefts themselves are gorgeous, they have no holes and have minimal to no shedding during soft brushing. The set comes with 10 different sized pieces which I thought was a pretty generous amount of hair!
When ordering, you are able to pick the type of hair, colour, length and weight which help to make sure their extensions will look their best on you!

I'm glad to see that so far the quality of the extensions is consistent with the quality of the rest of their products!

I also love that even though they are based out of the fashion district in New York their prices aren't astronomically high! They have slowly turned me into an Irresistible me fangirl and I'm not even sorry about it!

I will be checking back in with you guys on the TGTLM Facebook page after a few months to let you know how they've held up against styling and regular wear.

As you can see below my hair is already on the longer side however, the Irresistible Me extensions still were able to add some length as well as volume!

The Styles

Messy Ponytail

My hair is naturally thin, so my ponytails are never as awesome looking as those blessed with thick voluptuous hair! Adding extensions really makes a difference! I only used 4 of the extension pieces for this look ;  4 clip weft, 3 clip weft and two 2 clip wefts!

Straight to the point

This style is super easy you literally just clip and go! I find myself wearing my hair like this most days because really, how can you go wrong with this everyday hair style?

Lazy Fishtail 

I usually save the lazy fishtail for the second day hair because it does a great job at disguising limp unwashed hair while giving you a cute casual look. Adding extensions to the mix provides the thickness my hair lacks, especially in a braid! Also fishtail braids tend to be easier to do with ultra long hair!

The Disclaimer

Just to be completely transparent, these extensions were sent to me by Irresistible Me for this review! However, my reviews will always reflect my honest opinion about any product regardless if they were purchased or sent to me because lets be honest that's just shady! 

If you are interested in purchasing some of this awesome hair you can go to their website (they have free international shipping over $150! ) .

Thanks for Reading!

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