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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Halloween Makeup - Deer

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a quick Halloween makeup post!

This post is going to show you how I achieved this easy-to-do deer.

My boyfriend has already informed me that only  the male "bucks" have antlers however, I found a really cute antler headband and couldn't pass up the opportunity to use it.

Clearly I was too focused to smile

This particular look was something done on a whim so the application was a little messy and I didn't get pictures during the whole process but the finished product should be easy enough to achieve anyways!

I first started by heavily contouring my face in a way that only Kim Kardashian herself could pull off.
So, here is a picture of Kim doing what she does best.

Normally after this step you would blend away all of the harsh lines resulting in a perfectly sculpted face. However, for this look you want to only blend enough to hide the lines while still keeping the brown and white shades visible.

For this step, I used the darkest shade in the Kat Von D contour kit and a NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk".

Once you have your heavy contour applied, block out the colour in your bottom lip with a mixture of concealer and foundation. For the top lip I found that using a black gel eyeliner worked best as it didn't seem to transfer to the bottom lip after drying. I used a Maybelline gel eyeliner pot in Black.
I also chose to use the same gel liner for my nose, the line connecting my nose to my top lip and also to do a quick winged eyeliner with fake eyelash strokes around my eye.

Adding really dramatic fake eyelashes would also be really cute but again, this was just a quick trial run.

The last step is to apply little white dots along the brown cheek contour line as well as a few on the forehead. To achieve this I used the same NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk and just dotted where I wanted.

I finished it off with the antler headband and threw my hair up in two buns to mimic deer ears! 

The entire thing took about 15 minutes so this would be a great last minute Halloween idea for people who didn't have anything planned.

Thanks for Reading!

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