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Friday, November 27, 2015

New! Paula's Choice Skincare Review!

I am beyond excited to share this brand new product recently launched by Paula's Choice Skincare!

I've been scoping out the Paula's choice skincare line for over a year now and just haven't taken the plunge! 

That being said, recently I was lucky enough to receive the new Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer in the mail to test out and review! 

First, a little about the brand,

Paula Begoun - the founder of Paula's choice has written over 20 best selling books on skincare,makeup and hair including my favourite, The Original Beauty Bible. 

Referred to as the Cosmetics Cop, Paula's approach to skincare is based solely on only using ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help skin concerns. She has said that her mission is "to help women understand when product claims are lying or telling the truth".

Paula's choice does a great job at justifying every ingredient in each of her products. 
You can also find an ingredients break down and review for almost any brands skincare products in her online Beauty-pedia

Now lets dive in and check out the Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer treatment!

The packaging is sleek and easy enough to use. The product is dispensed through the top of a long nozzle tip by pressing a button located at the bottom of the product. Similar to using a giant syringe. 

This type of packaging seems to distribute the same amount of product each time which, takes the guessing out of how much to use!

The product itself has no detectable smell and has a serum-like consistency. The instructions explain that it is designed for wrinkles and fine lines especially around the mouth and eyes. 

I personally, have noticed a few *very* fine lines around my eyes(closer to my cheek bones), as well as my forehead therefore, this is where I've decided to test it out!

It's hard to really get a good idea of how well a skin product works in just a 3 week span of time however I did notice a significant difference in my fine lines as well as the overall smoothness of my skin!

I was also happy to notice that this treatment didn't irritate my eyes in the slightest which was a huge plus as I did use this on my eyelids also.

To be honest I almost didn't want to post this picture because it appears so smooth that it looks like it was photoshopped! Keep in mind that the majority of my "fine lines" are most likely "dehydration" lines which can be drastically reduced with a hydrating serum. Also, the lack of lighting in the second picture seems to have blurred out my natural eye crease a little.

I'm going to continue using this product and I will post an update in a month or so on my Facebook page.

I absolutely recommend giving it a try yourself! You get quite a bit of product 15ml for $50! Which if you've purchased your fair share of skincare you know that's a pretty decent price!

I'd be curious to see how this works with deeper set wrinkles as apposed to dehydration lines!
Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it yourself!

Thanks for reading!

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