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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Common Makeup Questions Answered!

Over the past year and a half I've gotten lots of makeup related questions from friends, family and readers! So, I've decided to compile some of the most frequently asked questions into one post! They aren't in any particular order and as always feel free to ask any makeup related questions you may have in either in the comment box below or through the TGTLM Facebook page!

Let's get started!

Does makeup go bad?

Yes, Usually there will be a small picture of a jar with a number on it located on the product that indicates how long (after being opened) in months the product is good for. Products with SPF have a shorter shelf life. I'm pretty bad for holding onto things for longer than I should but it's good to do a makeup purge every so often to get rid of old products. Mascara is one that I usually try to stay on top of (it's only good for 3-4 months) because using old mascara can lead to eye infections and no one wants that! Keep in mind products with SPF have an actual date and do expire.

What type of eyeliner stays on the longest? 

Image from

I've gotten this one a few times but the answer could vary depending on where you apply your liner. Liquid or gel liner works the best along the top lash line and will stay put longer than the traditional pencil eyeliners. I personally like to use a liquid pen type like Kat Von D's Tattoo liner rather than a gel pot because I find it looks a little more crisp. If you are looking for something to stay in the waterline (the area between your bottom lashes and eyeball) then I would suggest a waterproof pencil liner such as  Urban Decays 24/7 Waterline pencil.

What lipsticks are actually long lasting?

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Anything Matte will last longer than other lipsticks because they dry to the lips. If you're looking for something that you can eat and drink with and not have to touch up right away then you need a good liquid lipstick. These go on liquidity or creamy like a gloss and then dry to your lips leaving a matte finish. Keep in mind these lipsticks are very drying but you can wear a lip balm underneath the help off set the dryness. An example of a good liquid lipstick would be KatVonD everlasting liquid lipstick.

Where do I put blush?

This one depends heavily on your face shape. Commonly you'll be told to make a giant fake smile and place the blush on the apples of the cheek. This generally works when you're younger however, as time goes on and we age the apples of our cheeks begin sag slightly. Once you stop smiling you can end up with blush too close to your mouth. The best way to make sure your blush is in the right spot for all ages is to apply it straight to cheek bone while making a straight face. See the diagram of my lovely friend Marissa below.

How should I shape my eyebrows?

Again, this depends heavily on facial structure but I can show you how to measure key points to frame your face. Also, always be careful not to over pluck. If I could go back in time I would confiscate tweezers and all wax strips away from my 16-19 year old self! Using a pencil or any straight object placed on the side of your nose, you can map out the tail, arch and beginning of the brow. 

Tips for hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes can be tricky. You could do the most precise eyeshadow and then once the eye is open it seems to all disappear into the crease. Avoiding glittery eyeshadow will help not to draw attention to unwanted eye folds but the best tip I can give you is to do your eyeshadow with your eyes slightly open. That way you can create your own crease above where it would normally be. This will lift the eye and allow you to see all your hard work. This "fake crease" can be seen on our girl J-law. Welcome to the shadow game, where the odds are always in your favour. HA! 
I don't think she found my joke as funny as I did.

What is primer and do I need it?

Eyeshadow primer? yes. Foundation primer? not always. 
Primer is the base you put down before your makeup. Eyeshadow primer does wonders. A good eyeshadow primer will make sure your eyeshadow lasts all day and help the shadows look more vibrant once on the lid! Certain foundation primers can also help prolong the wear of your makeup and can also be used to target specific skin concerns such as oiliness or redness. I have seen primers do wonders for such skin concerns however, I'm not 100% convinced that they make foundation last any longer on a normal to dry skin type. That being said these skin types can benefit from a hydrating primer to keep the skin looking it's best underneath. 

What is contouring?

Contouring is the use of shading and highlighting certain areas of the face to make certain features appear larger or slimmer. You can use a bronzer and a light concealer or powder to achieve this look without buying a "contouring" kit. Just make sure the bronzer is cool or neutral toned and completely matte. The concealer or powder should be at least one shade lighter than your skin tone. Placing the highlight shade on features you want to accentuate and the shading on features you want to down play.  Take a look at Sephora's picture below for an idea of placement.  Keep in mind that face shapes may vary.
Needs a little blending of course..

I think that's all I got for today!

Thanks for Reading!

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