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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GlamGlow Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treatment Review

GlamGlow has been on a roll the last few months with new releases and I've finally gotten around to trying one of them!

The Plumprageous gloss lip treatment is supposed to instantly plump lips with high potency botanical plumping actives.  So, in short it makes your lips tingle until they swell a little. I generally enjoy plumping lip glosses because I feel like if they sting a little it just means it's working. With Glamglow being so hyped up all the time because of their face masks I decided to give this a shot.

The Packaging is SO cool. To be honest it was the reason I chose to try this first instead of the Too Faced Lip injection gloss. Just look at the futuristic rising action. Worth the $30CAD already.

The gloss itself is completely clear and surprisingly not sticky at all and the applicator is a cute spatula with a hole in the middle which helps to evenly spread the product. Do this by starting on the top lip the excess product drains through the middle onto the back side. You then flip it over and using the extra product on the bottom lip. Confusing I know but it works.

The tingling sensation didn't start right away and I was beginning to doubt the whole thing but after about 2 minutes I started to feel it working. I didn't find it all that intense at first but lip sensitivity will vary between people. I will say that if you exfoliate your lips first then apply, the tingling sensation is A LOT stronger.

At around the 5 minute mark my lips were extremely tingly and I did notice a slight plumpness but nothing too crazy. The tingling subsided after about 35 minutes however, the gloss itself lasted on my lips for 3 hours!

Here are a few before and after pictures courtesy of my lovely friend Shelby(my lips were looking very dry and not so camera ready)! You can find her Youtube channel HERE.

All in all the gloss itself was good and the results were just OK. Another small downside was that it tasted kind of chemically if you accidentally licked your lips and it still obviously continues to tingle awkwardly while on your tongue. If you just want an awesome burning sensation then this product will absolutely give you that!

What are your favourite lip plumping products?

Thanks for reading!

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