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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

L'oreal Hair Expertise Nutri-Gloss Luminzer Routine Review!

Daymmnn April, back at it again with the hair line reviews.

L'oreal and Influenster have teamed up again and they were nice enough to send the new hair expertise line my way to test out and review!

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A while back I reviewed a different routine from their Hair Expertise line that was meant to help thicken my hair and I ended up liking it enough to repurchase (Click HERE to read that review) so I did have high expectatations for this one as well.

The Nutri-Gloss Luminizer routine is targeted towards dull hair and I mean really who couldn't always use a little more shine? Let's see what L'oreal has to say about this product:

"Inspired by professional gloss treatments, the Nutri-Gloss Luminizer system instantly laminates hair strands with intense shine and infuses nutrition for a flowing touch. Hair is silky soft with a lacquered finish - 48HR sealed-in shine, instant nutrition."

The routine consists of 3 parts:

  • Illuminating Shampoo
  • Illuminating Conditioner
  • Leave-in Shine Spray

The Shampoo is clear in colour and is a lot thinner in consistency than any other shampoo I've ever used. The smell isn't anything special nor is it over powering. Immediately after rinsing I was getting a little worried because my hair felt pretty tangled out but as soon as a started working the conditioner it started to feel better and was easy to brush through when I got out. 

After blow drying and straightening my hair I misted the leave-in shine spray over my entire head and I was pretty impressed with the fact that my hair looked shiny without looking greasy, which, for fine haired girls is a thin line. Pun intended. 

After the first few uses I expected to see a little bit of build up at least from the shine spray but I didn't experience any!

All in all this haircare line delivers exactly what it promises and leaves the hair clean and shiny  without any build up. I will say that after a few uses my hair felt a little dry but I can't 100% blame the product for my already dry brittle hair.

I really want to try the rest of their hair expertise routines because so far I've had luck with this one for shine as well as the line for thickening!

The other routines tackle things like dry hair, damaged hair, colour treated hair, and strengthening.  All of these seem applicable to my ridiculously problematic hair. I think I need to go for a solid hair chop.

Side note: Sorry for lack of original photos my camera decided to not cooperate and I lost all usable pictures. 

Thanks for reading! 

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