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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Guest Post with Victoria Howell : Top 3 Tips for Healthy Hair!

Every girl dreams to have long, beautiful and healthy hair, but not all of us know how to reach it. Of course, you can find thousands of interesting hair tips on the Internet, but very little of them touch the question of basic hair care. However, it is important for every girl from ten to thirty to know rules of hair treating. Our professionals at Hair Salon in NYC are ready to share with you three most important and vivid tips for your everyday hair routine.

Tip #1 The less - the better

An aspiration to have clean and voluminous strands is a good thing, but it has some peculiarities. Some can be surprised by the fact that everyday washing your hair actually damages it and cause dryness and split ends.  Professional stylists claim that it is OK to wash your head about three-four times a week. If you do it more frequently, your hair will become dull, weak, and dry.

Tip #2 Say no to harsh water

The only thing which damages your hair even more than chemicals in cheap shampoos is harsh water. Stick for some filters in your shower to protect your strands. It will soften water and save your strands from harm.

Tip #3 Take care

Your hair needs additional care just like your face skin. Go for some masks, oils, and creams to treat and nourish your hair. You can buy them at your nearest drugstore or make them by yourself, using natural ingredients.

Visit and take the best out of your hair.

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