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Monday, August 22, 2016

FACEOFF Natural Cleansing Cloth Review!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic end of summer! Most of my reviews involve putting makeup on so I'm excited to finally be able to TAKE IT OFF!

FaceOff has been kind enough to send one of their cruelty-free, natural cleansing cloths my way! I love trying out anything that could potentially eliminate the use of makeup wipes because I feel they can be too harsh on the skin and I seem to go through them like crazy! According to their website these cloths retail for $12.95 but you get hundreds of uses out of them!

First a little more about this product! It is made out of an organic blend of bamboo and cotton and measures 20cm x 20cm which is a pretty standard wash cloth size.

The texture is different from products already out there such as "The Makeup Eraser" in that it doesn't feel as plush but it is still very soft to the touch!

To use you just add warm water and go! The actual cloth is machine washable or you can wash by hand with a mild detergent which I found to be just as effective! Now lets put it to the test and see how much makeup it was able to remove without the help of any product!

I decided to use some of my more long wearing makeup products to really put it to the test!

Some of the more long wearing products I chose to wear include:
Kat Von D tattoo liner, Urban Decay Perversion mascara, MAC nightmoth lip liner and Sephora collection Blackberry Sorbet liquid lipstick.

Let's see the results!

Overall I loved how this performed! It removed my makeup just as well if not better than my makeup wipes! I didn't find it to be too harsh on my lashes and eye area which, was one of my biggest concerns.

I still opted to follow up with a gentle Micellar cleansing water just to help breakup any possible excess mascara residue left on my eyes.

The price point is fantastic and although they don't look as fancy as the Makeup Eraser I appreciate the absence of added dyes.

Don't let the white colour discourage you, all of the makeup stains came right out after using a little bit of dish soap without any issues!

Another feature I loved was the little string handle that made it much easier to hang to dry by the sink! The little things matter! Will you take the #FaceOffChallenge?

Thanks for reading!

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