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Monday, August 15, 2016

Typical Causes and Effective Solutions for Greasy Hair

Hey guys! I know it's been a while but I will be back to blogging regularly next week! I would like to thank the lovely Viki Howell who has graciously written another guest post for you to check out in the mean time!

1. Excessive washing
Excessive washing is a typical mistake of women, whose hair is prone to oiliness. The truth is that this habit doesn’t help to solve the problem; moreover, it only makes things worse. Frequent shampooing ruins moisture deposits of your hair, making your scalp feel dry and produce even more oil.

2. Optimal frequency
The question is – what is an optimal washing frequency then? Experts at Hair Salon in NYC recommend shampooing your locks not more often than any other day. Your hair will need some time to adjust to the new washing routine, but very soon you’ll notice the big difference.

3. Heavy products
If you use heavy styling products on a daily basis, they can be the reason of your hair’s excessive oiliness. The best and most obvious way to solve this problem is to switch to the lightweight products. Minimize the usage of gels, pastes, mousses, and serums. You should also be careful with conditioner and apply it to your ends only!

4. Right hairstyles
There are certain styles you can wear to hide oily roots and postpone shampooing. A sleek ponytail, for example, works amazing with dirty hair and looks really attractive. You can experiment with braids, high buns, and braids. Just find time and patience!

5. Dry shampoo

Since your hair doesn’t become dirty literally, there is a way out. You can make your locks last longer with the help of a dry shampoo. This product is able to freshen up your roots without an actual shampooing. Magic? No, just absorbing properties of dry shampoo. According to experts at, this is a must-have product for people suffering from greasy hair problem.

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